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Knee High Boots: How to Style and What to Wear with Long Boots

If you’re looking for ways to inject a new lease of life into your wardrobe, then look no further than knee high boots. Elegant, chic, and effortlessly stylish, the knee high boot is a classic staple that knows how to make a statement.

However, if you’re new to the long boot trend, it can be hard to know what to wear with knee high boots, and how to style them with your wardrobe to give them the impact they deserve.

Here at Rieker, we understand that stepping into new shoe and fashion territory isn’t always an easy task to do, which is why we’ve created the ultimate how-to knee high boots style guide to help navigate you through this trend. Whether you’re looking for new knee high boots outfit ideas or you’re on the verge of buying your first pair, read on for our top style tips.


Knee high boots are an excellent way to turn your outfit up a few style notches. Feminine, fashionable, and ultra-flattering, they will tie your outfit together and give you that effortless ‘IT girl’ look. However, with so many designs to browse, what style should you choose?

Due to their incredible versatility, knee high boots can be styled to suit any occasion. So whether you’re looking to elevate your office fit, your weekend ensemble or your weekday attire, pick a pair you love and the rest will be history.

Our collection of knee high boots at Rieker offers a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from, including everything from heeled and flat boots to those with ultra-trendy, lace-up features. 


Picking a pair of boots you love is only half the battle. Before considering what to wear with knee high boots, we’ve covered the two most popular colours to help you choose the right pair for you. 


Black is a colour that never goes out of style, making black knee high boots a must-have addition to your shoedrobe, particularly if you’re planning on owning only one pair.

Effortlessly chic and ultra-versatile, they will take any outfit from day to night with ultimate style and will look great with every colour scheme. 

Our collection of black knee high boots is full of contemporary shoe styles that will complement the items already in your wardrobe. Discover everything from classic shapes that make a statement to figure-flattering lace-up designs and more.


Like black, brown is a stylish colour that dominates the shoe industry. Elegant, sophisticated and super trendy, it holds its own in a sea of colour schemes, making it a brilliant colour to invest in.

If you’re not quite sold on the idea of a brown boot, it may be that you haven’t found the right tone for you. There are a plethora of stunning shades to choose from, including tan, burgundy and chocolate, all of which will beautifully set off your wardrobe staples. 

Our fabulous selection of brown knee high boots at Rieker has a variety of styles for you to browse, including heeled and flat brown boots with on-trend detailing, so we can guarantee there’s a long brown boot for you. 


Before you consider what to wear with knee high boots, it’s essential to find the right fit. Knee high boots should sit snug beneath your knee, without cutting into the backs of your legs when you walk or sit down. Here are our top 3 tips on choosing the perfect pair. 


Zips, straps and laces

There are plenty of pull-on boot styles on the market, however, when it comes to knee high boots, designs with zips, straps or laces may be a wiser option. They offer a secure, fashionable fit, meaning you won’t have to spend time pulling them back up after they’ve fallen down.


Take into consideration your calf size

If you choose boots that are too tight for your calves, they will rub against your skin and cause pain, whilst knee high boots that aren’t snug enough will fall down. If you find that you’re in between sizes, choose a style with laces or straps. This will allow you to fit the boot to your own preference. 


Remember, calf size doesn’t equal foot size

If you have a fuller calf, this does not mean that you should shop for a boot with a wider shoe fitting – and vise versa. It’s important to find a boot that fits both your legs and your feet to ensure a comfortable fit that won’t cause pain in the long run.


Whilst knee high boots are often shunned to the colder, winter months, there is no reason that they can’t be a multi-season favourite. 

Layer your boots over jeans during winter for a stylish yet practical look, pair them with your favourite skirts in autumn to prolong your summer wardrobe, and ditch your tights earlier in spring in favour of the classic boot and dress pairing. During summer, a long knee high boot with a mini-dress or skirt is guaranteed to turn heads.


Dresses with knee high boots are a timeless combination. Whether worn with your favourite summer dress, a thigh-grazing skater dress or a classic-shaped shift dress, they will add a bold yet elegant touch to your assemble.

Due to their added warmth, long boots allow you to enjoy your summer staples for longer, making them a great choice for transitional seasons.

Pair your favourite dresses with black knee high boots for a stylish daytime look that will also look great on an evening, or opt for suede brown boots for a casual yet sophisticated look that will pull together your outfit. If you want to enjoy this style in a more subtle fashion, pair your boots with tights to create a streamlined look. 


Knee high boots style exceptionally well with skirts. Elegant and on-trend, this pairing will create an ultra-modern look suitable for a day in the office, a catch up with friends or a dressy evening do. 

Pencil skirts in particular will pair exceptionally well. Knee high boots elongate your legs, which, when paired with the figure-enhancing shape of a pencil skirt, creates a truly feminine shape and look.   

Midi-skirts and pleated skirts also work really well with long boots, whether heeled or flat styled. You can also pair your knee high boots with skirts and dresses with a longer hem. The outfit possibilities are endless.


The jeans and long boot combination is a classic. Providing much needed warmth in colder months, it remains stylish and relevant, no matter how many trends come and go.

Pair brown knee high boots with blue denim jeans for an autumnal look that is as playful as it is vibrant, or, wear black boots with black jeans for an elegant yet dramatic look. 

Whether it’s blue or black denim, coloured cordoroys or pleated trousers, you can pair up your pants with knee high boots and enjoy a timeless, fashionable ensemble that will turn heads in winter. 


Knee high boots are statement makers. Whether styled in spring or winter or with jeans or a dress, they offer a sleek, put-together look that will effortlessly take you from the office to an evening get together in style.

Whilst the abundance of outfit possibilities may have stopped you from reaching for this shoe style, deciding what to wear with knee high boots doesn’t have to be difficult. At Rieker, we’ve got a brilliant selection of knee high boots for you to choose from, each manufactured with our unique anti-stress technology to ensure ultimate comfort with every wear.  

Looking for more inspiration? We also stock stylish ankle boots, perfect for warmer days where you want to recreate a similar look! Shop our ladies ankle boots and enhance your look all year round with Rieker.