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What Foot Problems Can Good Shoes Prevent?

We all suffer from foot pain at some point in our lives, especially as we get older. The feet are one of our most used and complicated parts of our body, so keeping them protected and dodging foot problems is sometimes a challenge.

According to The College of Podiatry, footwear is the largest cause of foot complaints in the UK. Yet, almost half of us buy shoes that are too small and a quarter go for footwear that is too large.

At Rieker, we’re always looking to improve the style, comfort and support of our range. So, we’ve taken the time to research exactly what foot problems good shoes can prevent and how you can fix foot pain by simply switching to certain shoes. Check out what we found.

Foot Problems and Cures

Foot Pain Solutions

As you can see, preventing foot problems is all about finding the right footwear for the issue. Everyone’s feet are different and certain shoe designs fit certain foot shapes better than others. So, if you want a quick and simple way to prevent foot pain, start by getting the right shoes for your foot complaint.

Simple changes can make all the difference. High heels heap pressure on your legs and feet, so avoid these shoes if you’re prone to joint pain. Have broad feet? Keep an eye out for specially-designed, wide-fit shoes. Prone to sweating? Opt for shoes featuring breathable or sweat-wicking materials to dodge fungal infections. Feel your toes squishing together? Swap your pointed-toe shoes for a round toe box now to stop corns and bunions. Good shoes can truly prevent foot pain and a variety of foot problems.

For quality footwear options to get you on the right track, browse our Rieker men’s and ladies’ shoes before you go.