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Antistress Features & Benefits

Antistress technology

Life can be full of unwanted stress coming from every which way, but your footwear shouldn’t add to it. Every single Rieker shoe is made with forward-thinking antistress technology, allowing each step you take to feel as effortless as the last. Our antistress technology is built on four properties - lighter, reflexibility, roomier and shock absorbing. All our properties combine for one long-lasting effect: walk easier, live easier.

Many Brits aim to walk up to 10,000 steps per day, which puts an incredible amount of strain, stress and responsibility on our feet. Rieker antistress ladies’ and men’s shoes look to target and minimise this vast strain directly. With the benefits of lightweight and flexible materials, a spacious fit and brilliant shock absorption, your feet will remain comfortable and experience great wellness even on longer walks.

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What are antistress shoes?

Rieker antistress shoes aren’t just a fashionable accessory. They offer much more than that with their functional features. Every Rieker shoe incorporates the unique construction techniques required to achieve the antistress features that make Rieker shoes stand out. Lightweight and elastic components help create the features that define the antistress shoe, footwear that isn’t just an addition to your look but helps you through your day.

Unlike athletic shoes, which are mostly designed for high performance over a shorter period, Rieker antistress shoes determine success by how you feel in everyday life when wearing them.

Are Rieker shoes good for your feet?

If suffering from injury or a hectic schedule has resulted in pain in your feet, there’s nothing worse than putting on a pair of shoes that you know will cause discomfort and further your problem. Rieker shoes contain functional features that support your feet without adding any additional strain.

Our lightweight designs will help you reduce the strain and fatigue on your toes, soles and heels by giving you plenty of room to get comfortable and supporting your feet with extra mobility and rigid soles.

Are Rieker shoes comfortable?

Antistress shoes are designed with comfort as the primary goal, helping you enjoy your day with no unnecessary hassle placed on your feet. All Rieker shoes are lightweight, soft and flexible to reduce the discomfort you may feel when wearing other footwear. 

Increased room in the shoes means your feet won't feel cramped or distorted to fit the model's shape. The shoe will work for you, ensuring a comfortable fit every time. Whether you're looking for formal footwear for the office or boots to take you through your next long-distance journey, our antistress technology will help you achieve maximum comfort.

Antistress features

 The core of our antistress technology is based on four key features that go into every Rieker shoe for your feet’s benefit.


Less weight = more comfort and less muscle strain.


Rieker antistress shoes help enhance your mobility no matter the task!


Our roomier design means the foot does not adapt to the shoe, but the shoe adapts to the foot!

Let the shoe take the brunt of your outings, not your feet. Rieker’s increased shock absorption takes the pressure away.

What is the benefit of lightweight shoes?

Lightweight shoes lessen the impact on your feet and help reduce fatigue, and our designs help your feet feel like they’re being assisted in walking rather than being burdened with something to carry. Antistress technology couldn’t be complete without lightweight components and offering your feet the correct support for exercise and everyday life.

The lack of weight in our models containing antistress properties makes our shoes extremely comfortable. At times, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud! Our lightweight design puts less strain on your muscles and will help you feel fitter on longer walks.

Why are flexible shoes good?

Flexible shoes allow you to move freely; as our feet are flexible, we should wear shoes that match that ability. Rieker’s shoes allow the muscles in your feet to work as intended, strengthening them daily and  providing great comfort to combat strain.

Our models have flexibility in abundance. Rieker antistress shoes won’t limit your mobility; it will be enhanced! The flexibility is integral to the antistress properties of the models and will allow you to move at your own pace.

How much room should your toes have in shoes?

A key benefit of our antistress design is the additional space in our shoes. Traditionally, there should be about one finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Our shoes give you that extra room for both your toes and the rest of your feet, with plenty of our models being wide-fitting.

Many shoes can feel like they’re applying pressure to your feet, especially after wearing them for long periods. With our spacious technology, Rieker antistress takes that demand away from your feet, allowing the shoes to adapt to your needs.

What are the benefits of shock-absorbing shoes?

Shock absorption is key in any good shoe, and our antistress technology ensures that every step you take protects your feet. The support from a shock-absorbing sole helps greatly to prevent pain and long-term problems for your feet and joints.

No matter the terrain, the shock absorption of Rieker antistress shoes will cushion every step you take on various surfaces. Adding great versatility to the shoes, the memory foam in the soles of the shoes takes pressure away from your joints and back. Any activity you have planned, Rieker antistress can accommodate.