Which Shoes To Wear With Men’s Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple that are set to be a timeless trend.  They make a popular clothing choice due to their flexible and adaptable properties. Offering a stylish vibe, skinny jeans can be worn to a plethora of occasions as they can be dressed both up and down; with a  variety of cuts on offer, there’s a style to suit everyone.  

What are skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans can be referred to in a number of ways, you may have heard terms such as ‘slim-fit’,  ‘cigarette pants’ and ‘pencil pants’. Skinny jeans are designed to be snug and figure hugging. While the trend started out predominantly in womenswear, men’s styles are becoming increasingly popular – but this raises the question…”which shoes should I wear with my skinny jeans?”

Which shoes to wear with black skinny jeans 

Choosing which colour to wear can be half the battle when it comes to picking out your next pair of skinny jeans. You may believe opting for black may limit your shoe options but this is not necessarily true. You may have heard brown shoes and black skinny jeans are strictly a no, but ultimately this is down to personal choice. Brown suede shoes can be suited perfectly to black skinny jeans as the contrast of materials creates a fashion statement. If you’re opting for a casual look you will love our Rieker men’s brown lace up shoes; they make the perfect companion for your off duty days and weekend adventuring. If you’re looking for something slightly more robust, our men’s brown boots are great when the weather is a little cooler. 

If you’re looking to smarten up your ensemble, men’s brogues are the footwear classic that will never go out of style. The best jeans to wear to with brogues are slim fit or skinny;  black skinny jeans in particular match perfectly with a wide range of brogues. When pairing brogues with jeans you need to keep things simple and sleek as an overwhelming amount of detailing can be a bit too much. At Rieker, you’ll find a range of men’s brogues that capture the traditional sophistication and gentlemanly image of this timeless style. To complete your look, opt for something polished on top, such as a sophisticated shirt, relaxed blazer or smart jacket. 

Men’s shoes for skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are now available in a range of styles, patterns and colours which makes the decision of what to pair with skinny jeans all the more confusing. However, you can relax in the knowledge that the majority of styles can be trusted and it’s actually quite hard to get it completely wrong. The best way to decide which shoe is for you is figuring out what type of look you’re aiming for. To achieve your desired aesthetic, you first need to decide whether you’re going formal or casual. Skinny jeans make a versatile clothing choice and the same pair can be alternated between a whole host of looks. 

Smart shoes to wear with skinny jeans 

For many, jeans are seen as a casual staple piece, not something you pull out for an occasion.  Nevertheless, skinny jeans have the ability to be transformed into eye-catching and stylish formal attire. Choosing to pair your skinny jeans with a smart pair of loafers or brogues can help to increase the formality of your outfit. Pairing your jeans with dressy formal brogues and a sleek blazer can prepare you for a number of events, even weddings. Modern and contemporary weddings are starting to become a more casual affair, therefore our outfit choices must adapt too.  We recommend opting for a darker shade of jeans when dressing for a formal occasion. 

If you’re dressing for an evening out and want a more laid back formal look, loafers make a great versatile shoe that creates an off-duty combination for a refined, dapper look. Swapping your blazer for a light blue denim jacket can also relax the look and kick up the fashion factor of any outfit.  To rock a more casual look, opt for a vertical striped dress shirt or a polo shirt, loafers will give a sense of elegance to an otherwise mostly dressed-down ensemble. 

Boots with skinny jeans 

Boots make a great pairing to skinny jeans as they add an edge to your ensemble while maintaining formality.  Chelsea boots, chukka boots, lace up boots and pull on ankle boots can all go a long way in keeping your skinny jeans looking relevant as the temperatures change. Chelsea boots are sleek and slimline, making them a great addition to relaxed office environments as they work well with a jacket, shirt and tie. Our Rieker pull on black Chelsea boots make an extremely versatile addition to a man’s wardrobe. Chelsea boots work best with dark colours,  sit neatly under the jean cuff and have the ability to take you from day to night. 

Men’s casual shoes with jeans 

mens casual shoes with jeans

Skinny jeans are the ultimate go to for an everyday casual outfit; despite being effortless, the overall look is extremely effective. You can even take the same pair of skinny jeans you dressed up for your formal event and rework them for an everyday stylish look. They can be easily paired with casual shoes such as plimsolls, boat shoes and  slip on trainers and can be finished off with a crisp t-shirt or sweatshirt. When pairing your casual shoes with skinny jeans, we recommend a little pin roll to show off your ankles, this makes the look that little more laid back.  

So when it comes to pairing skinny jeans with your shoes, you’ll be pleased to know there are very few rules to follow. Almost any shoe can be worn with skinny jeans, it’s more about ensuring your jeans fit well and you know what sort of look you’re trying to achieve. Formal shoes can be worn with skinny jeans and men’s brogues are your best option for this. Casual shoes allow for mix and match experimentation, allowing you to pair different colours and really show off your personality. For some shoe pairing inspiration be sure to check out our full range of men’s shoes at Rieker where you’ll find men’s casual shoes and men’s formal shoes to uplift your style.  

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