Things To Do When You Retire

If you’ve just embarked on retired life, or if your retirement age is coming up soon, it can be bewildering having so much free time on your hands when you’re so used to a certain way of living. Perhaps you have been looking forward to this time and have been planning your retirement carefully, in which case our suggestions of things to do after you retire may prove somewhat influential. For others, reaching retirement can make you feel like a fish out of water, leaving you unsure on how to enjoy your free time now working life is behind you.

This collection of retirement ideas from Rieker will hopefully inspire you to realise that there’s so much more you can do after your career has wound down, and a lifestyle change such as retirement can be beneficial both physically and mentally!


A key activity for many people of retirement age is to embrace the freedom that you experience without the constraints of the workplace and to see a little more of the world by travelling. Whether you choose to travel the length and breadth of the UK or venture abroad, either by yourself or with a loved one, there are endless choices to explore when travelling in retirement. Organised coach trips make it so easy for those who wish to see new parts of the world, but would also like to make the most out of their time away with structured itineraries and travel included in the cost. Knowledgeable local travel guides are also essential!

Whether you’re keen to island hop and explore multiple countries in one trip, or if you’re planning on booking a few European city breaks to see the main sights, travelling the world is the perfect way to spend your retirement. Make a list of places you’d love the visit and tick them off one by one!

Charity work

A lesser-known option for your retirement ideas is the chance to give back to the community by doing some charity work. Scope out your local charity shops to see if they need a hand in store, volunteer at soup kitchens or even check out the community allotments to see if your greenfingers could be put to work there. If you know that you’ll find it difficult not having much structure to your day without shift work or 9-5 days that you’ve been used to for so many years, charity work is a great way to keep that going whilst keeping your mind active. Charity work is also good for regular interaction and engagement with other people, so it’s perfect for those who live alone.

Take up a hobby

Hobbies for retirement can fall under any of the suggestions here. Maybe you’re already a keen watercolour painter or knitter and now you’re retired you plan to spend more time doing these things. For others, hobbies during their working life may have been the last thing on their mind! Retirement hobbies can be creative or focused on the outdoors to suit your interests.

Gardening is a favourite retirement hobby that gets you outdoors and embracing nature. There’s certainly much satisfaction to be had when sitting back and enjoying the labours of your hard work in the form of planted flowers, vegetables or fruit! Whether you’re simply pottering about in your own garden or considering buying a greenhouse or slice of land at an allotment, you’ll need comfortable shoes to wear. Consider the range of Rieker casual shoes for your gardening attire for slip-on styles that are easy to pull on and go whenever the moment strikes.

Go walking

Regular walkers will no doubt rejoice that they are no longer tied to busy weekend routes to walk, and instead, the entire week is yours to discover the latest pathways and bridleways without the hullabaloo of the weekend crowds. Make a day of it and embark on a trek in the great outdoors for a spot of exercise and a boost in general wellbeing. Get walking destination inspiration with the Rieker Seven Best Dog Walks In The UK – which you can walk with or without a furry friend!

If you’re taking up walking for the first time as your main retirement hobby, you’ll no doubt need to invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Specialist walking shoes will provide ultimate comfort and support during those long walks over uncertain terrain that regular trainers simply won’t offer! Look for Rieker shoes with extra grip on the soles and a high back for extra support on the ankle, such as the Rieker combination lace up shoe. If the weather is sunny and the ground is dry, our fantastic ladies Rieker walking sandals are an essential footwear option for optimum flexibility when walking.

We hope that you’ve found our suggestions of hobbies for retirement helpful and that you find fulfilment in your brand new lifestyle. Whether you chose to explore your own hobbies more, or take on something completely new, at Rieker we believe that nothing ventured is nothing gained!

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