The best winter footwear trends for 2019

The transition to colder months brings with it a whole lot of seasonal chaos; prolonged darkness, frosty paths and freezing temperatures to name a few. When the colder weather strikes we may want to shut the outside world out, curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and toast our toes next to the fire. Nevertheless, with the festive season looming there are so many reasons to get outside and get exploring; from winter walking to festive evenings out. 

If there is anything good to come of winter, it’s an excuse to treat yourself to some new seasonally appropriate shoes. Here at Rieker, we pride ourselves on designing shoes that protect your feet and prevent foot problems, from thick soles that support and cushion your foot to flexible breathable shoes that support your arches. Finding the perfect winter shoe has never been easier. Now, we just need to find a style that suits you.   

The best winter shoe trends  

Fur boots 

When it comes to winter, warmth is an essential component. Whether it’s a cold, icey morning on the school run, a chilly commute to work or a wet weekend, you’re going to want to keep that warmth locked in and prevent your toes feeling that winter chill. Not only do fur boots top off your winter ensemble, they can be paired with a number of sleek ensembles and are a treat for your feet. 

Here at Rieker, our fur boots are designed to turn heads and add an eye-catching statement in bleak weather. We particularly love our brown Rieker ‘Tex’ boots, which can be worn as ankle boots with the fur top turned down, or as mid-length boots with the fur on the inside, making them highly versatile. Pairing these with slim-cut jeans or leggings tucked in always a safe bet, but if you’re wanting to make more of a statement you can team them with a wool trench coat in a vibrant colour. The beauty of these boots is the warm fleece lining with Rieker ‘Tex’ membrane, which provides a water resistance layer, meaning it’s not a disaster when rain strikes. 

If you prefer a more casual-styled boot, you’ll be a massive fan of our ladies’ Brown Suede zip up ankle boot with adjustable laces and knit-effect detailing around the ankle cuff and a warm faux fur lining. These boots can be worn for an array of wintery activities, while the thermoplastic elastomer sole provides excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, flexural fatigue and abrasion resistance. 

Bright colours 

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We are all guilty of saving our bright colours for summer, but you can also choose vibrant colours and prints to bring a pop of colour to grey winter’s day. The colours we wear can really impact our mood, and sometimes even inspire us. At Rieker, when you’re experimenting with bold colours, warmth and practicality don’t have to be compromised. Soft linings, knitted collars and fur trims will all keep you toasty during the cold months, while a touch of bright colour adds plenty of personality. Ankle boots are always a favourite, and this season’s trends boast lots of stunning colours to choose from.  

Quirky and cute, knitted collars add personality and plenty of opportunity for colour to your winter boot. When it comes to vibrant colours, yellow adds sunshine vibes to chase away those winter blues, and these ladies’ mustard zip up ankle boots with adjustable laces and interesting textile detailing underneath provide warmth and unique style to your ensemble.  If you want to add colour, but you’re not feeling a really bold look, these navy and multi-coloured ankle boots are great for adding that subtle pop of colour without leaving your comfort zone. 

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Floral prints are also huge this winter, and this burgundy red ankle boot has a floral velvet panel overlay with wavy edging, while the contrasting rainbow coloured stitching looks stunning on a dressy winter evening with a pair of chunky knitted tights

Walking boots

With frosty weather on the horizon, it would be easy to shut the blinds and forget the outside world exists, but there are a number of physical and mental health benefits of walking in winter. Getting out and exploring can result in better cardiovascular health, reduced stress levels, as well as improving your mood and self-esteem. Once winter hits you’ll need walking boots with a bit more resistance than your lightweight summer boots. 

These ladies’ green walking style boots make the perfect winter boot. With a thermoplastic elastomer sole and warm fur lining these boots have high impact, durable strength and are resistant to extremely low temperatures. If you’re looking for a winter holiday boot for destinations where there will be lots of snow,  these make a great choice as their treadable grip can keep you upright and warm in even the harshest of temperatures.  

Evening winter shoes

Ankle boots make a versatile option when it comes to winter evening events. They can be dressed down during the day with skinny jeans, then dressed up for winter evenings out, and they can even be styled with maxi dresses during transitional seasons. Just in case you find yourself stepping into unexpected puddles while heading to the next bar, they are sure to become a winter wardrobe favourite. From ultra slick contemporary styles, to bold designs and classic staples; if you need a pair of hard working boots, here at Rieker we have a selection desk-to-dancefloor boots

Winter wedding shoes 

If you’re looking for something a little more delicate or if you’re wondering what to wear for a winter wedding, sweet front-strapped Mary Janes have been popular for years and years. This winter, the Mary Janes trend has really come into its own, offering the best of both worlds when it comes to delicate style and winter-ready substance. With cute finishes and an easy-to-walk-in heel, you can party the festive season away with warm feet and no pain.

How to protect and repair your shoes in winter 

When you live in the UK, rainy days are inevitable. While you’re preparing your winter wardrobe, your shoes are particularly important, and you don’t want to be tip-toeing around every puddle or patch of mud in fear. Here at Rieker, we are sure our selection of shoes can battle the winter elements with ease, but if you’re wanting to take extra good care of your perfect pair here are a few tips to expand the lifespan of those winter shoes. 

Prevent the damage 

  • Waterproof spray –  This can be used on a number of materials but is most popular for suede as it’s one of the few methods that work without damaging the soft material. Silicone-based sprays for all materials, however, work best for leather shoes.
  • Beeswax – Rubbing a solid piece of beeswax over your shoes (especially canvas) then working into the shoes using a hairdryer, can create a long-lasting protective layer for your shoes. 
  • Candle wax – A little more DIY than the beeswax. Simply rub the candle over your shoes, do this until it’s clear you have covered the entire shoe, then warm the wax with the hottest setting on your hairdryer.

After the winter damage 

  • Treat cracked, worn heels with this vinegar and listerine soak:
    • 1 cup listerine 
    • 1 cup white vinegar
    • 2 cups warm water

  • Did you Know? Water and baking soda erases salt stains and scuffs from leather shoes 
  • You can also use an eraser to (very carefully) take stains out of suede
  • Dry out winter shoes by stuffing them tightly with old newspaper (you may be inclined to stick them next to a radiator but this shouldn’t be done, as the hot and very dry heat emitted from a radiator can create rips or reduce the durability of the shoes) 

Top Tip: We recommend testing out any waterproofing methods on a small area of your shoe or boot before the full application. We say this because some products and DIY methods may change the colour or appearance of your shoes, so we urge you to take care when trying something new. 

Now we have taken you through top tips and assisted you in which winter wardrobe footwear to choose. Just remember,  you can still look fantastic during the colder months without compromising on practicality – it’s simply a case of updating your footwear wardrobe. Browse our full range of Rieker shoes to tackle those chilly elements in style!

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