The Wild Beauty of the Desert

The idea that deserts are places stripped of life and sparse in cultural offerings is well and truly a myth that has to be seen to be believed. For those looking to step outside of their comfort zone and experience something truly unique for their summer holiday this year, the list we’ve put together here at Rieker of some of the most popular desert holidays will no doubt provide plenty of food for thought.

Not only are we sharing with you some of the most intriguing places on earth to spend your summer holiday, we’ll also be suggesting some ideal summer footwear options to get you started with your packing!


Bardenas Reales Natural Park

A less thought of area for a desert has got to be Europe, but a rare find in the form of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park in Spain is a geological escape you’re going to want to uncover for yourself. Located in the Navarra region of the northern aspect of Spain, this desert is in the centre of Ebro Valley that is often treated to irregular, torrential downpours and freezing cold temperatures between the hot and dry seasons. Surrounded by mountain ranges, the Bardenas Reales Natural Park offers many facets of clay, silts and sloping sandstone deposits rather than a flat, dry land.

The Bardenas Reales Natural Park is a relatively small desert at 28 miles wide, but provides a striking display of sandstone, clay and chalk that appears to me a remote geological kingdom. Make Bardenas Reales park an essential addition to your Spanish desert holiday itinerary and stay in the various villages surrounding the park for easy access.


Ouarzazate & Draa Valley

South of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Ouarzazate is known as the Sahara Desert gateway, making it a prime spot to begin a desert adventure. The Sahara Desert is no doubt what comes to mind whenever you think of the typical desert setting, with images of a sprawling, sandy terrain stretching out as far as the eye can see. It is, however, surprisingly accessible by staying in Morocco and joining a tour guided group through Ouarzazate.

After experiencing the exciting markets of Marrakech, travel through the High Atlas Mountains into Ouarzazate and adventure on further into the desert palms of the Sahara by camel or on foot. Those doing a guided tour should take a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the night under the stars at a desert camp to witness the unfiltered view of the galaxy in the clear skies. 


Death Valley National Park

Perhaps one of the most well known desert destinations, the Death Valley National Park in California, USA is an essential place to explore if you intend to embark on a trip to the States this summer. Though not strictly a flat land desert with its impressive volcanic formations and large dunes, there’s plenty to see and do in this lowest point of North America that sees temperatures soar to 49 degrees in the height of summer. 

There are many different trails to choose from if you visit the infamous Death Valley National Park that lead to Zabriskie Point, Panamint Range and Dante’s View to name a few. Check out the wildlife seen at the shifting sands of the Mesquite Flat Dunes at key times such as sunrise to clock the footprints of desert kit foxes, kangaroo rats and coyotes. Take a hike up to the viewpoint area of Dante’s View provides a panoramic overview of the Black Mountains, offering a different perspective of the beautiful valley itself. 

What footwear to wear in the desert

As to be expected, the desert is a hot place that requires appropriate footwear to keep you on the straight and narrow whilst covering a lot of land during your exploration. Comfort is also key so that you can take in all the sights and soak up the experience without aching, sore feet. So, what are the best shoes for the desert?

At Rieker we believe that having the best shoes for the desert will aid your enjoyment of the holiday itself. Sandals are excellent shoes for desert holidays that will keep your feet cool and comfortable whilst exploring. Our range of Rieker walking sandals are no doubt the best shoes for the desert with their fantastic stability and support that will work well on potentially uneven terrain. The ladies walking sandals offer the classic flexible sole any great walking sandal design should possess which allows your feet to bend with ease. The chunky sole is also a great shock absorber, whilst the various strap detail options can offer a decorative design choice to your walking outfit.

The range of men’s hiking sandals are perfect shoes for desert holidays due to the main components of the shoe mentioned above; a sturdy, yet flexible sole and velcro fastenings that make the shoe easy to wear for walking on all kinds of land. With an extra cushioned sole and open upper design, you’ve got a durable shoe ready to be worn in the hot climes of your choice!

Whether you’re gearing up to explore the depths of the Sahara desert or heading to a national park this summer, make sure you’ve got your footwear sorted with Rieker. We stock an entire collection of ladies shoes and mens shoes for you to choose from.

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