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AW18 Footwear Trends at Rieker

Here at Rieker we are passionate about providing our customers with comfortable footwear to suit their personal style. This season has certainly been no different and we’ve created some fantastic shoe styles that will appeal to an array of tastes. No matter the predicted shoe trends of 2018, it is always a safe bet that boots are a footwear staple for autumn and winter. Effortless and practical, our range of women’s boots include casual and smart styles that work wonderfully in all wardrobes. Heeled leather ankle boots provide a sophisticated... Read More

berlin 27/11/2018

5 Best Destinations To Visit In The New Year

With another year drawing to a close, its a good time to consider a January getaway to help you and your family relax after the hectic festive season. Whether you’re hoping to take the kids on an adventure-filled UK staycation, or if you’re looking for the perfect romantic holiday destination, the Rieker guide to the 5 best destinations to visit in the new year will provide some welcome travel inspiration. New Year Travel Inspiration It may involve lower temperatures for your January getaway, but that doesn’t mean a compromise on... Read More

christmas markets 25/11/2018

Christmas Markets Around The UK

The Christmas holidays are a great time for festive family days out and cosy couple dates, but what are the best UK Christmas markets to go to? At Rieker we’ve put together a guide on popular Christmas fairs that will no doubt entice you with fun activities and copious amounts of delicious food and drink. If you haven’t already got into the spirit then planning a trip to a Christmas market can really help you embrace the yuletide season! London November – January There are a couple of brilliant Christmas... Read More


Things To Do When You Retire

If you’ve just embarked on retired life, or if your retirement age is coming up soon, it can be bewildering having so much free time on your hands when you’re so used to a certain way of living. Perhaps you have been looking forward to this time and have been planning your retirement carefully, in which case our suggestions of things to do after you retire may prove somewhat influential. For others, reaching retirement can make you feel like a fish out of water, leaving you unsure on how to... Read More


Seven Best Dog Walks In The UK

Embarking on a walk with a dog by your side can be one of life’s simple pleasures. And like many dog owners, you may have frequently found yourself wondering ‘what are the best dog walks near me?’ in order to find a tranquil space to enjoy with your furry friend on a Sunday afternoon. At Rieker we’re sharing our top ten dog walks in the UK and suggesting some of the best dog walking shoes that we offer to ensure you’re ready to face a long walk in comfort and... Read More


The Wild Beauty of the Desert

The idea that deserts are places stripped of life and sparse in cultural offerings is well and truly a myth that has to be seen to be believed. For those looking to step outside of their comfort zone and experience something truly unique for their summer holiday this year, the list we’ve put together here at Rieker of some of the most popular desert holidays will no doubt provide plenty of food for thought. Not only are we sharing with you some of the most intriguing places on earth to... Read More


Shipwrecks: Sunken Secrets of the UK Coast

The UK coastline is littered with a sunken treasure of around 90 known shipwrecks, with thousands more potentially just waiting to be discovered. Among the fiercest of seas to have claimed many famous ships is The North Sea, which stretches along the UK’s East coast from Dunnet Head at Scotland’s northernmost tip, right down to the furthest Southern point of Shetland’s Horse Island. It’s along this East Coast that our team here at Rieker have focused a shipwreck search; from Teesport to the Thames Estuary, this stretch of stunning coastline... Read More

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, U.S.A 14/06/2018

Beautiful Gardens: Rieker’s Top 10 Most Scenic Gardens in the World

For an unfathomable amount of time, gardens have been a place where people seek solace and quiet reflection. Whether that’s enjoying a long walk along their paths, cultivating them, or just sitting and watching the world go by on a bench – a garden is synonymous with peace and seclusion. Enjoyed worldwide, there are some truly stunning gardens dotted about our little green planet. Here at Rieker, we have compiled a ten strong list of the world’s most scenic gardens, so grab your boots and explore them with us below!... Read More

Back Pain 15/09/2017

How to Improve Your Posture at Home

Bad posture is a common problem in the UK, but also one that is easily fixed. If you suffer from tiredness, muscle strain and stiff joints, there’s a chance you could help all three simply by learning how to improve your posture! Walking with good posture gives you more confidence, less pain and better health. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a guide to achieving the ideal posture when you’re sitting, walking and standing, as well as simply exercise tips and what you should avoid to make... Read More

Northern Lights 31/08/2017

Where to See the Northern Lights

Now is one of the best times of the year to see the famously unpredictable Northern Lights. From September to March, your chances are at their highest of seeing the spectacular natural light show of reds, greens, purples, and yellows blazing across the sky. So, why not make the most of it? Also called the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights phenomenon is the result of charged particles from the Sun colliding in our magnetic atmosphere and bursting into various, changing colours. Earth’s most enchanting natural phenomenon is visible to only... Read More