3 UK Hidden Gem Attractions You Never Knew Existed

Love nothing more than a good day out but feel like you’ve seen it all? Not quite yet, you haven’t. The UK is a treasure trove of quirky places to visit, many of which you probably won’t have even heard about. Luckily we’re here to draw your attention to three unusual and well off-the-beaten-track places to visit in the UK, perfect to help you kickstart your year of exciting walks and days out. Try these three National Trust hidden gems on for size:

1. A La Ronde – Exmouth, Devon

©National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

Ever seen a sixteen-sided house before? How about a room covered entirely in shells? These are what await you at the A La Ronde, one of our absolute favourite places to visit in the UK. Built in the 18th century for cousins Jane and Mary Parminter, this most unique of houses is brimming with creative treasures from the ladies’ travels together. Admire unique works of art, intriguing artifacts and the Parminters’ own cabinet of curiosities and immerse yourself in their adventurous lives. And don’t forget to visit the breathtaking Shell Gallery, which can be viewed from the octagon below and explored in magnificent 360° via a new touchscreen experience.

2. The Three Paths of Stowe House Gardens

©National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

The gardens at Stowe House are an absolute must for all the walkers among you. One of the best places to visit in the UK for walking and exploring, these gardens feature walkway paths like no other. You have three choices; the Path of Vice, the Path of Virtue or the Path of Liberty, and each comes with its own set of challenges inspired by the realities they represent.

The Paths of Vice and Virtue are inspired by the Greek god, Hercules, and his struggle to choose between the two. Vice will take you through the Garden of Love and its many temples showing seductive scenes (not for the faint hearted). The Path of Virtue’s temples represent good values, though this path is traditionally harder to take, hence its many extra bridges. The Path of Liberty is designed to represent the political aspirations of the garden’s creator, Lord Cobham, and is therefore the longest and hardest of the three walks. This day out will keep you busy, that’s for sure.

3. Mustard Pot Cottage, Norfolk

©National Trust Images/Mike Henten

Looking for a quirky weekend away in the UK rather than just a day out? Put Mustard Pot Cottage on your list. With this place you can practically live like the Parminter cousins in their quirky-shaped home, thanks to its octagonal shape and quaint setting. Nestled amongst picturesque woodlands, this condiment-pot-shaped cottage boasts two bedrooms, open fire, conservatory and enclosed garden, perfect for those looking for an unusual UK weekend away and a little peace and quiet. What’s more, Mustard Pot Cottage has countless countryside walking trails right on its tiny little doorstep, so there’s plenty to explore while you’re not enjoying the cosy interior.

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